Take care about COM applications and IIS.

Posted on junio 18, 2010


Take care about COM applications and IIS.
If you work with huge tables, and do a bad SQL query, you will show your task manager how the resources will go down, because VFP create temporal files to give you the result. Test it in VFP before going in producton.
Things that help:
– Create your DLL as multi-theared
– Use the component administrator to allow Windows to create more instances of your DLL to give results. This helps when you have a lot of simultaneous calls to your app.
– Remember DLL also use FOXPROWCFG (see VFP help). Add in your config.fpw the parameter: PROGCACHE=0
– Check your server environtment. Have you enought ram? Windows may be using disk cache if you have low RAM memory.
– Remember to install the SP2 with VFP9 following the readme instructions of the SP2.