Search in knowledge base does not work

Posted on mayo 11, 2010



I can’ obtain results when I do a search in our CRM option “Knowledge Base”.
Only is working fine the option “Explore by subject” .

Any Ideas? Can be something about any kind of index? How Can I recreate the
indexes related to the Knowledge Base?


Look at the SQL Full Text Indexing, and check when the catalogs were last
updated (do this SQL Entreprise Manager (SQL 2000) or SQL Management Studio
(SQL 2005))

I discovered comparing withthe Virtual PC CRM demo database, I haven’t
created in my SQL Server 2005, a JOB similar to “Start_Incremental on
Adventure_Works_Cycle_MSCRM.ftcat_documentindex.[7.5]” inside the “SQL Server
Agent” option.
I created it using as reference the information from the CRM Demo Database,
and now it is working.

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